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Aurora Beer

What: A now defunct Canadian premium blonde ale

Involvement: Brand Advocate, Investor

Areas Of Responsibility: Brand Advocate, Brand Strategy

Notable Facts: While the beer is no-longer in production, the product design and product strategy behind the beer was world class. I still occasionally use ideas from this product as there was some really revolutionary foundations behind it. Buy me a beer sometime and I’ll tell you the tale of a company with the right idea, but at the wrong time.

Aurora was a Canadian blonde ale specifically designed to complement active lifestyles by minimizing heavy effect of beer. This is as pure of a beer we could produce for you. Unlike most beers sold in Canada, Aurora was crafted without adjuncts, rice filler, corn syrups, artificial flavours or colouring. No additives and no excessive carbonation means no heaviness and discomfort. Clean, refreshing, producing no strong aftertaste.

Aurora was carefully prepared using nothing but Rocky Mountain water and only the finest ingredients. The result was a 4.5% alc/vol lager-style beer designed from the ground up to be easy drinking without sacrificing its individuality and Canadian character.