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Soundscapes for Emerald Health Naturals Inc

What: I composed some soundscapes for Emerald Health Naturals Inc

Involvement: I was hired as a composer and sound designer

Areas Of Responsibility: Composition

Notable Facts: I was hired by a major ad agency to develop sound assets for a campaign to help people slow down in their daily life. I was asked to produce 4 soundscapes to match 3D rendered video, which were deployed throughout various social media channels across Canada.

You can check out 3 of the 4 videos on Instagram

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The Alberta Electronic Music Conference

What: A 5 Day Professional Development Conference & Music Festival for Canada’s Music Industry

Involvement: Co-Founder

Areas Of Responsibility: Strategic Partnerships, Conference Programing, Public Relations & Communication Strategy, Staff Management

Notable Facts: This is the largest event of its kind in Western Canada and included support from 28 different partner organizations in 2018

The Alberta Electronic Music Conference (AEMCON) is a one-of kind experience for music producers, DJs, music organizations, music technology companies and those that work and create in the world of electronic music. We're a multi-day conference aimed at inspiring and elevating Canada's electronic music scene and the people that make it possible. Combining insight from international headliners, workshops by industry veterans, panel discussions, mixers, and night-life events, this event was created by music lovers for music lovers.


By the Numbers

  • 5 Days of Activities

  • 20+ Club shows

  • 60+ Workshops, Panels, & events

  • 125+ Speakers and performing artists

  • +3500 Attendees to the Night Events

  • 500 Conference attendees

  • 10+ Venues across the city of Calgary

  • Delegates from over 50 cities, from across Canada, America, and Europe

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C-Suite Events & Brand Integrations

What: For 4 years, I developed events and brand campaigns that catered to Canada’s C-Suite & industry leaders.

Involvement: Director Of Marketing Services & Events, Venture Publishing

Areas Of Responsibility: Strategic Partnerships, Event Execution & Management, Conference Programing, Event Marketing Strategy, Staff Management

Notable Facts: Over a 4 year period, I was deeply involved with over 40 high-level events catering to senior management, C-Suite individuals, and international brands. From multi-day conferences and awards galas, to immersive, issue-based thought leadership programs, my team and I executed a wide range of fascinating programs.

One event, The Transform Alberta Conference, was held over 3 days at the Banff Springs Hotel and was attended by 200 of Canada’s top industrial and cultural leaders to discuss and colaborate on creating a new future for Alberta.

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Icebox Logic

What: A Customer Intelligence Agency

Involvement: I developed the core brand assets, redeveloped their core-product (an online course) for scaling and deployment, and was deeply involved in significant set of RFP processes for the agency

Areas Of Responsibility: Brand Asset Development, Website Development, Product Development, Curriculum Development, Newsletter Development, RFP Development

Notable Facts: Icebox Logic was a fascinating project to work on. Over the course of 6 months, I got the chance to work deeply on developing a digital education and intelligence product for information management workers. The product and story telling methodologies I learned at this organization we’re extremely helpful for later projects.


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The Night Vision Music Academy

What: Edmonton’s first electronic music production & DJ school & music studio

Involvement: Co-Founder, Operations Manager

Areas Of Responsibility: Brand development, Finances, Staff Management & Mentorship, Partnership Development

Notable Facts: Successfully licensed the business model and curriculum to a US based music school

Launched in 2015, the Night Vision Music Academy is Edmonton’s only dedicated electronic music production and DJ school. Located on Jasper Ave in the heart of Edmonton's downtown, the academy features weekly seminars, private studios, and a community of professional and aspiring producers and DJs. Our weekly music courses were developed to be everything a new artist needs to get a strong start and are taught by professionally trained and experienced instructors. Located at 11231 Jasper Ave, Edmonton.


What: A 360 Photo & Virtual Tour Platform

Involvement: Branding, Brand Strategy, Website Design, Product Development, Documentation Development

Areas Of Responsibility: Website Redevelopment, Product Knowledge-Base Development, Pricing Development, Change Management and KANBAN board implementation, Blog Development

Notable Facts: Over a 6 month period, I helped a 360 photo & virtual tour SAAS platform relaunch it’s brand, website, develop an extensive user knowledge-base, improve it’s UX, and reorganize how it worked on upgrades. I also helped develop the business case and materials for focusing on Enterprise level clients. I created over 100 pieces of content including web pages, blog posts, newsletters, social media graphics, new user tours, email work-flows, video guides, and more.

The Original SeekBeak Website (Pre-redesign)

Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 10.34.10 AM.png

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Aurora Beer

What: A now defunct Canadian premium blonde ale

Involvement: Brand Advocate, Investor

Areas Of Responsibility: Brand Advocate, Brand Strategy

Notable Facts: While the beer is no-longer in production, the product design and product strategy behind the beer was world class. I still occasionally use ideas from this product as there was some really revolutionary foundations behind it. Buy me a beer sometime and I’ll tell you the tale of a company with the right idea, but at the wrong time.

Aurora was a Canadian blonde ale specifically designed to complement active lifestyles by minimizing heavy effect of beer. This is as pure of a beer we could produce for you. Unlike most beers sold in Canada, Aurora was crafted without adjuncts, rice filler, corn syrups, artificial flavours or colouring. No additives and no excessive carbonation means no heaviness and discomfort. Clean, refreshing, producing no strong aftertaste.

Aurora was carefully prepared using nothing but Rocky Mountain water and only the finest ingredients. The result was a 4.5% alc/vol lager-style beer designed from the ground up to be easy drinking without sacrificing its individuality and Canadian character.


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The ATB Small Business Campaign

What: A multi-platform branded content program celebrating Small Business

Involvement: Director of Marketing Services & Events

Areas Of Responsibility: Campaign execution, client management, project management, creative team liaison

Notable Facts: From 2011-2014, I was deeply involved in the creation, management, and growth of Venture Publishing’s biggest branded content program: our Small Business Week coverage and integration with ATB.

This program, which ran annually in October of every year sought to elevate a small selection of small businesses every year and tell their story within the context of a multi-media campaign. The campaign included significant editorial coverage over multiple months, $50,000 worth of business advisory services for the selected companies, a custom micro-site developed to help small business owners on their journey, and plenty of innovative print and digital advertising executions. At the time, our client, ATB, reported that it was one of the most innovated branding programs that they had been involved with.

The program recieved a number of third-party accolades including:

  • Canadian Online Publishing Awards - Best Cross-platform Initiative 2012

  • Small Business Marketer of the Year Award (Runner Up) 2012 - The Enterprise Council on Small Business (ECSB) - this campaign brought ATB Financial into the top 3 for the ECSB's Small Business Marketer of the Year Award.

  • Digital Alberta Awards - Nominated - Best in Cross-platform Content - 2012

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What: A Interactive Art Installation Created in partnership with Manasc Isaac Architects

Involvement: Sound Designer, Composer

Areas Of Responsibility: Developing a 20 minute soundtrack for the Spectra experience at Vignettes Art & Design Festival

Notable Facts: Spectra was a sensory art installation created a created by a multi-disciplinarian team of architects, designers, and myself. Featured as part of the Vignettes Art & Design Festival, I was tasked with composing a 20 min soundscape to match ever shifting light patterns of the Spectra structure. The installation ran from September 2018 to December 2018 and was featured in Avenue Magazine.

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I created 4 separate pieces for Spectra, here is the story behind each of them:

1) Prism

This piece was inspired by pure white light passing through a broken glass, slowly getting more and more distorted as the light’s intensity grows. It’s intended to unnerve and make people uneasy. It’s also meant to envelope people as they walk into Spectra. 

It was created by distorting a pure sine wave into greater and greater levels of chaos, accompanied by disorienting metallic strikes from my GUDA drum. The low rumbles come from slowed down recordings from Edmonton’s LRT system as they pass through the station.

2) Back To Nature

This piece is a bit of a counterpoint to the first one, designed to create a feeling of relaxation and relaxation after the intensity of the first place. Its metallic melodies have a somewhat liquid quality that are expanded on in the next piece. It features a bed of sound created by mixing recordings taken from a walk through an Edmonton neighbourhood and a nature preserve.

3) Water

This piece was designed to explore how water can distort light in its own unique way. It starts off with recorded sounds from the North Saskatchewan river, both above and below water. The melody was written to mimic the meandering nature of the river and how sound changes as it moves in and out of water.

4) When Glass Talks

This one was inspired by the sound of space and the idea that Spectra itself could possibly speak. I imagined that if it were a creature from another world, we may not be able to understand its words, but perhaps we could still gather meaning from its sound.

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Night Vision Music

What: A Record Label and Events Promotions Company

Involvement: Co-Founder

Areas Of Responsibility: Brand development, Finances,

Notable Facts: Has promoted over to 200 events and 20 different label releases over the last 5 years

Night Vision is an Edmonton-based collective of producers, DJs, and artists at the forefront of Canada’s electronic music scene. Created in 2013, Night Vision has expanded from throwing unique, underground parties to the launch of a record label, a music production school, and a clothing line. Above all, the collective aims to foster an inclusive, welcoming community that is committed to pushing its artists at both local and international stages. 

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Posters Design

What: Various Posters I’ve Designed

Involvement: Designer, Copywriter

Areas Of Responsibility: Design

Notable Facts: A small selection of event posters I’ve designed over the years. While I no-longer design posters, the period of time I spent developing my own visual composition skills allowed me to work more effectively with designers in other projects.