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Music, Marketing, Community, and Growth. I produce music as Dunmore Park, I co-founded Night Vision Music and the Alberta Electronic Music Conference, and I've worked as a strategic marketer for the last 8 years.

Avenue Edmonton February Feature

A fun thing happened recently: I was featured in the February edition of Avenue Magazine! You can check out the article on their website or grab a copy in print if you happen to live in Edmonton, Alberta. It's a fun little profile of some of my music exploits and my thoughts on style.

I particularly like this photo as it makes me look like a bond villian.

Thanks to Kim Larson for art directing the piece, Aaron Pedersen for shooting it, 9910 for hosting the shoot, and Breanna Mroczek for the interview!

 Photo by Aaron Pedersen, Avenue Magazine 2018

Photo by Aaron Pedersen, Avenue Magazine 2018