Personal Updates

I Want To Become a Better Writer

[Disclaimer – this post is a statement of intent. I figured if I posted my commitment publicly, I’m more likely to follow through. Social pressure and all that good stuff…]

I don't enjoy writing

More specifically, I don't enjoy it because I feel like whenever I do write, I do so slowly and without the flare and control that characterizes great writers. In university, I was one of those people who’d spend days on their essays while my talented writer friends would bang out their paper in a couple of hours.  I was always so jealous about how easily words came to them, not to mention how much more effective they were with their words than I was.

Outside of university, I ended up working at a publishing company in a marketing and management roll for a few years. I met so many talented writers, and learned a few tricks, but I never quite shook my writing paralysis. If anything, being in the company of REAL writers made me more self-conscious. I focused on developing my marketing/management knowledge, always assuming that writing is something for “naturally talented people.”

I’ve come to realize this viewpoint is a handicap.

Now, it's not like I'm completely useless at it.  I’m OK at writing in corporate and social media settings. Social media writing is short and snappy most of the time and my corporate writing is usually more focused on marketing plans or ad copy. I can get by, but I haven’t developed the love for long-form writing that would bring me really powerful results. 

This blog is about me developing the ability to hold people’s attention through the written word.

Why is the ability to write effectively important to me?

  1. Improvement in writing is an achievable goal
  2. I often have to write for public consumption and I think I can improve my results by learning how to write quickly and powerfully
  3. I am terrified of sharing my ideas where they can be publicly and anonymously criticized. This fear is holding me back.
  4. I often make dumb errors in my writing. This project will help hold me to a higher standard.

So that’s what this blog is. A training ground for my ideas and my ability to communicate them in long form. To make sure I actually achieve what I want...

I’ve come up with 3 ground rules:

  1. I resolve to practice writing (outside of work writing) for a minimum of 20 minutes a day, Monday-Friday. Vacations Excluded.
  2. I resolve to share the results of this practice, even though it scares the willies out of me, through blog posts on subjects that matter to me
  3. I resolve to post a minimum of 1 (300-500 word minimum), blog post a month.

What I write about will mostly focus on music business, marketing and management subjects.  I consume a lot of audio books, and I’d like to start recording the many ideas that I learn from them. Thanks for reading. Hopefully you’ll enjoy what comes next.